BeBop Baby has been set up by a group of Walthamstow parents who wanted to have a place to enjoy music and socialise with their children on a weekend. And possibly most importantly have a drink without worrying whether the children are annoying other people in the pub.

Let’s be clear; this is not just for kids its for us all….. We hope that everyone will enjoy the music played and get up and have a dance with their kids, but this is not a children’s party. We don’t think kids need ‘kiddie’ music. We think that the wider range of music that kids are exposed to the more they will be interested in and appreciate what music has to offer. Kids also follow our lead, if we’re enjoying ourselves and dancing, they’ll want to join us.

We are holding it in a family friendly, child safe place (more info in venue details), there will be a few things to hopefully keep them engaged when they don’t feel like dancing, things like dressing up and drawing. But as we said, this is not a children’s party. You are responsible for your children at all times. Including whether they are having a good time! While a family friendly space means everyone there will have children, and so we hope be kind and understanding of children’s needs and behaviours, it is still your responsibility to ensure you’re children are happy and well behaved. We want your children to have a good time, but not at the expense of anyone else’s.

We aim to have a live band followed by DJs, a gig in the daytime, that we can all enjoy with our kids and still be home for tea.

What ages is it aimed at?

Everyone is welcome. mum’s, dad’s, carers, grandparents, aunts & uncles and godparents, babies and children. That said adults not attending with children of their own must be attending in a group with children and we envisage that most children will be under ten.

The music

As we have no budget yet we will be starting with Ben’s record collection. Contained therein you may find; Hip Hop beats, heavy funk, rare soul, dusty old jazz, obscuro funk and psych bit and pieces. He will dig out some treats.

In the future we are hoping to entice some of his label mates and compatriots from the world of independent music. To give you a vibe, if you like these radio shows you’ll probably like BeBop Baby; Cerys Matthews on BBC6 Music, Giles Peterson on 6, Jamie Cullum on 2…

Will it be loud?

The music will be loud enough that it feels like a party, live drums aren’t quiet, but not so loud babies need ear defenders or you can’t have a conversation without bellowing in someone’s ear. Good music doesn’t need to make your ears ring.


We are four old friends, two couples, Hannah & Ben Lamdin and Mandy & Ben Stern. Between us we have 4 children under 4. We met in Brighton over ten years ago and came to Walthamstow via Hackney 2 years ago. That well beaten path…

Between us we have amassed a fair bit of professional event production, festival and music industry experience.

Ben Stern is behind the event and arts production company GaiaNova providing visual and logistical wizardry to events and institutions across the globe such including Glastonbury Festival, Southbank Centre & BFI to name a few.

Ben lamdin is a non-stop music making, house renovating, pasta eating machine. Under the Nostalgia77 name he has been been making records on the Tru Thoughts label for ten years. He is also a producer and engineer for other artists and his record collection has a bigger room than his children.

Mandy Stern ran her own restaurant in Brighton with live music every weekend, she has top notch experience managing bars, businesses, events and good times generally. She’s currently on maternity leave from London’s Ambulance Service, a good woman to have around in an emergency, a party or an emergency party.

Hannah JB organised her first charity concert for Save The Children aged 13, persuading her classmates to perform songs she made them learn at lunchbreak. They made £242, it seemed a lot in 1991. She’s been persuading people to do good things ever since. Sometimes professionally and sometimes just for fun.


It is important to state that regardless of professional background this will still be trial and error! We’ve not done BeBop Baby before. We want to work collaboratively where possible, we will need you to tell us what worked and what didn’t, what you liked and what you didn’t and we’ll try and amend and improve. We are hoping that we can build this into a regular fixture on the Walthamstow scene that we all know and love.

It is also important to remember that different people have different ideas about what is too many, what is good music, price etc. We will try to give you as much information as possible for you to decide if it’s your cup of tea.


We want to be transparent with you about the costs. We are a group of parents putting this on in our spare time because we’ve been to these type events and been a bit disappointed and also want to go to something local on a Sunday and have fun.

If we sell all the tickets, after venue hire, printing and sundries, we might have £100 over. So at the moment we are doing it for the love. As are the musicians and other people involved.

But if it is a success, people enjoy it and want us to do it again we will need to work with you to find the best way to make it a bit more profitable so we can pay musicians and put on even better times. But we will make these decisions by talking with the people who come about what they want from it. We want this to be a collaborative, community event, not just our party.

So if people enjoy it and we make it regular then we’ll need to get a steer from you as to whether it’s more important to have it cheap or have professional bands and up the price to be able to pay them.

The bar is cheaper than usual pub prices as it is a members club, this should help keep your afternoon costs down.


Walthamstow Trades Hall is an old working mens club. It was founded in the 1920s (I think!), the current building was opened in 1972 and boasts a fabulous sprung dance floor. It is the only working mens/trades club in London to put on live music 3 times a week for over 30 years. It has a small stage, lighting, pa, lots of seating and tables and an all important bar run by the wonderful Jackie.

The current President is Peter and Secretary Bill, both with a ton of experience (decades!) programming live music and running the club. We are really happy to be working with them and sharing their wisdom and tales.

The comfortable capacity of the venue is 220. 20 places are always kept free for members, and we are keeping 16 places back for the crew and musicians. So there are 184 tickets available, including children but not babies under 1.

If we sell 184 tickets and on the day it feels uncomfortably crowded we will reduce the number of tickets we sell at future BeBops.

As it is a members club it has a closed door policy. This makes it safer. Children can run about but they won’t be able to open the door and run out. Anybody who is not a member or isn’t on the ticket list can come in.

As it is a members club bar prices are less than a regular pub. The bar is fully stocked and there are soft drinks, crisps and usual bar provisions including tea and coffee. There is not hot food or more substantial snacks so have your lunch first.

There is disabled access, changing facilities and limited buggy parking.

Small print in large print;

1. No lone adults. Any adult attending must be in a group with children already well known to them (e.g. niece, godson etc).
2. You are responsible for your possessions and children at all times. That includes cleaning up any spillages, accidents, misunderstandings. Lets help each other out.
3. By attending this event you are consenting to you and your children being photographed and this being published on social media platforms such as facebook.
4. You are responsible for having a good time!